Building on an Island FAQ’s

Building on an Island….
Often times, I’m asked the question….”how in the world, do you build a house on a non ferry-served island?”
The answer I give is, “the same way you build one anywhere else.”
Yes, everything has to be shipped in, but the process, once you get here; is exactly the same. Many of the islands have resident contractors, who have established relationships with “mainland” lumber yards and sub-contractors. They know how to expedite the building process and save you costs on transportation. They can explain such things as the value of building in the summer vs. winter and choosing the right lot to minimize excavation costs.
Building on the islands seems to bring out the “creative” side of many people and they may choose an island cabin that fits a childhood fantasy or lifelong dream.  One couple’s project was featured in Seattle Metropolitan magazine in this article. A current “wave” of interest is building smaller, beautifully designed homes that are unique for their particular setting.  On this note, some sites that are fun to look at for home ideas are: