Market Trends in Anacortes

If you’re shopping for property in Anacortes, it’s really helpful to know whether you’re dealing with a “Buyers Market” or a “Sellers Market”.  The way this is determined is by looking at the number of sales during a specific period, relative to the number of listings and seeing how many months of inventory there is on the market. As you can imagine….this differs by price range, so you’ll want to look at the statistics for your particular range. If there’s less than six months of inventory, it’s a “Sellers Market” and over six months is a “Buyers Market”. Knowing this information will help you in preparing your offer and negotiating your purchase. Having an agent who can help you gather this information is invaluable….especially in the type of markets we’ve been seeing the past two years.

Here is a graph showing the market for homes in Anacortes that are less than $500,000. If you contact me, I can narrow this down to show you the statistics for your particular search perimeters….right down to number of bedrooms, baths and square footage. Please do not hesitate to call…I’m here to help you!


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Living on a Non-Ferry Island


People ask me all the time what it’s like to live on an island with only 40 year-round residents? Don’t I get bored? Lonely? Go stir crazy? Sometimes….but in general…No.

I love the quiet and the safety that comes from living in a rural environment that is buffered from the often-bizarre world at large by a pretty big body of water. Have I dropped out of society by living out here?

Maybe a little bit, but not really. I still stay in touch with all the world events by internet but my energy is focused on the things that I have some chance of impacting. I support my community by staying active with the school and reinforcing positive interactions with the children that go there. I volunteer as a EMS coordinator and am available as a support person in case of emergency. I’m active in a weekly market in the summer which has been wonderful for building “community” between the permanent population and the owners of 2nd homes on the island.



Gratefully, I’m able to offer my friends and family a lovely, peaceful setting to escape the stresses of jobs, traffic and city life and unwind. I nurture my own soul by dabbling in art, growing organic vegetables and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds me and I stay active so that I can be healthy as long as I can.

I have an awesome life and I recommend the lifestyle to anyone who wants to embrace a life a “little less ordinary”.



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