Exploring Anacortes


 Welcome to Anacortes…
Voted one of the top ten best small towns in the country numerous times, Anacortes has evolved over the years from a quaint fishing town to a prime retirement and tourism destination.  Is it the beautiful views and proximity to the San Juan Islands that draws people or the moderate climate and Norman Rockwellesque community?  Whatever the reason, the population is growing and more and more families are calling Anacortes “home”. 
The best place to begin exploring Anacortes is with the active Chamber of Commerce, which hosts numerous events throughout the year to bring visitors to the town.  The activities begin with the Waterfront Festival in May, Shipwreck Days in July, the Arts and Crafts Festival in August, Jazz Festival in late summer and the Oyster Run at the end of September.  To view pictures of many of these fun events, check out Anacortes Today.  The Anacortes School District is well respected throughout the region and manages four elementary schools, a middle school and high school.  Medical care is excellent with Island Hospital operating a top notch acute care facility in Anacortes. 
For nature lovers,  Anacortes has 2800 acres of community forest lands with interconnecting hiking trails, fresh water lakes, horse and biking facilities and beautiful picnic and swimming areas.   A large number of the neighborhoods connect to the trailheads so enjoying this unique amenity is easily available to many of the residents.
If you think you might like to join this wonderful community, give me a call….I’d love to show you around.

Beautiful Pictures and Videos of Anacortes