Washington Resources

Thinking of moving to Washington?


Relocating involves lots of questions and research and one of the first things people often ask is “Is it true it always rains in Washington?”  Well, they don’t call us the Evergreen State for nothing…..However, Washington has many micro climates that provide a great variety in our weather.  It’s helpful to research records of weather conditions for the various communities around this state.  If you have children, you probably want to know about our schools.  The first place I like to start is the Washington State Department of Education.  They have lots of information about each of the different school districts and links you can follow for more information.

The Washington Department of Tourism has a wonderful site if you’re just starting your exploration and want to see what the various areas of the state have to offer.  There is such diversity, especially between the east and west side of the Cascades.  Each is very beautiful in it’s own way.
If you are looking for information that’s specific to the San Juan Islands, there are a couple of web sites that might be helpful.  For general information about the ferry served islands, there is a site called Guide to the San Juan Islands.  It only addresses four of the islands but there are actually over 300 islands in the San Juan Archipelago….many which are state parks and a number that can be only accessed by private boat or plane.  Kenmore Air operates float planes, that fly out of Seattle to many of these other islands, and has a great site with video cams showing current conditions and links to realestate and lodging information. The Anacortes Chamber of Commerce has a very informative site for information specific to Fidalgo Island.  On an interesting health note…San Juan County just received recognition as being the “healthiest county” in the nation.  See how some of the other counties in Washington rank in terms of health.
   Seattle Met Magazine often has wonderful articles on different areas of Washington. I especially like this one “The Insiders Guide to the San Juan Islands”.