Undeveloped Land – Resources for Buyers

Buying property, especially undeveloped land, can be very intimidating so I’ve prepared a list of resource links that might be helpful in your research.  Whatever property you choose, some key factors must always be considered: 
Are you sure where it is?  This may seem obvious but there have been many cases over the years, where people have purchased a piece of property and found out that they actually bought the neighboring property.  If it needs a survey, is seller willing to pay for it?
Does it have water?  If it needs a private well, check well history in the area and/or water rights the property may have.  The state of Washington has really “tightened up” the requirements for putting in a new well, so be sure to check with them about the application process. See impact of Hirst Decision  on water rights….very important!
If it has access to a community water system, what are the hookup fees and meter costs. To confirm water availability:
What are your options for septic?  Have soil logs been done?  Septic design?  Will you be able to go with a conventional system or is your designer going to have to get creative?  What will it cost you?
Site Preparation?  What are your costs for utility installation, tree removal and building site excavation?
Other Concerns?  Some other issues you may need to research are CCR’s, HOA fees and assessments, environmental concerns, drainage or wetlands, proximity to shoreline or critical areas, zoning and density potential for adjacent properties…..and more.
Here are some links to help you with your research: